The Flood of 1916: Lookout Shoals Dam

Power lines damaged in the flood.

Power lines damaged in the flood.

The Lookout Shoals Dam was built by the Southern Power Company in 1915.  This dam supplied energy to the greater Mooresville area and was the furthest north on the Catawba River at the time.  During the Flood of 1916, both the dam and the powerhouse were covered by the high water.  Although the structure of the dam itself did not suffer significant damage during the storm, other damage to the powerhouse, equipment and power lines cut off power to Mooresville until repairs could be made.

In the days immediately following the Great Flood, plans to construct a system of three new dams near Bridgewater, NC were being solidified.  Although plans to construct these dams had already been underway, the destruction of this flood reinforced the necessity of further damming the Catawba.

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