Presidential Departures

Things are a bit disconcerted around the D today. It isn’t often that the college has a presidential transition – but it does happen.

Each time the campus responds with sorrow at the loss and hope for the future.  Here are some Davidsonian headlines from the 20th century. Not included are presidents Henry Louis Smith, whose departure in 1912 predated the Davidsonian by 2 years and Walter Lingle, who announced his departure over the summer when no paper was published.

Newspaper article, "Trustees Decide to Make Changes Affecting School", sub heading, "Dr. Martin's Resignation Accepted by Board--Effective in Spring"

Newspaper article in the Davidsonian, "CUNNINGHAM RISIGNS"
Newspaper article in the Davidsonian, "MARTIN RESIGNS"
Newspaper article in the Davidsonian, "Spencer reisigns"Newspaper article in the Davidsonian, "Kuykendall announces resignation"


  1. Dianne Johnson says

    I remember Kuykendall leaving! I was writing for the Mecklenburg Gazette and I was assigned that story. I was new to the area but could tell right away it was sad and happy, as stated in the post. The story was really getting quotes from students who were there during his tenure.

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