Once Upon a Timeline

Readers of Around the D get to be our test audience for a new timeline on the Archives and Special Collections site.  Thanks to the diligent and creative work of  student volunteer and student athlete, Caroline Turner ’17, we are launching a history of athletics at Davidson through a timeline with photographs and brief descriptions.

Caroline Turner using her J S Timeline skills

Caroline Turner ’17 using her TimelineJS skills.

The timeline includes the obvious — first football game, flickerball and 2008 March Madness– and some fun bits, like our year with 7 sets of twins playing on varsity teams.  We invite you to explore the timeline and remember we have more on sports in the Davidson Encyclopedia –feel free to explore there as well. Let us know –what more needs to be included (comments to Archives@davidson.edu are fine).

To whet your enthusiasm, try this quiz:

A wildcat behind a chain-link cage

Is this the live cat from the 1920s or 1960s?


Davidson College Athletic Association Article I

What year was the Athletic Association founded?


Group photo of 16 people with baseball equipment, unknown year but most likely before 1902

What year did these guys take to the college diamond?


A jump ball between Davidson and Duke at a basketball game

What’s special about this team?

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