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Wildcat Handbook & Freshman Regulations

Begining in 1896, the Freshman Handbook was printed and designed by the Y.M.C.A of Davidson College. It contained all “valuable” information needed by the new freshmen including descriptions of the student organizations, academic calendars, sports informaton and class yells. In addition, it offered tips on anything from the town of Davidson train schedules to what time the mail arrived. Renamed the Wildcat Handbook in 1926, it  remained the responsibility of the YMCA until 1961 when the Publications Board took over. Beginning with the 1961-1962 (class of 1965), the handbook included photographs of the incoming students.

These friendly “Tips to Freshmen” appeared in the Freshmen Handbook in 1925:

tips for freshman

These tips were meant to instruct the incoming freshmen of what it meant to be a Davidson scholar and gentlemen. They were warmer than the Freshman regulation posters that freshmen were required to hang on their doors:

Freshmen regulations

Begining in 1931-1932, the Freshman Regulations were printed in the Freshmen Handbook. The Regulations varied somewhat over the years. At one time, freshman were required to carry laundry for the upperclassmen and were not allowed in the Post Office until after all of the upperclassmen had gotten their mail. Although none of these standards remain today, these regulations serve as a reminder of a time when freshmen were put under a watchful eye of the upperclassmen here at Davidson College.

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