Steward’s Hall

Drawing of the building and a photo of the dedication plaque

Dates: Built in 1836-37. Demolished in 1909.

Quote: The first non-residential building erected on the old quadrangle
was the Steward’s Hall (completed a year before the chapel) at which all
students were required to eat. They furnished much of the food themselves
because in those early days of self-help students worked (in accordance with
ages and sizes) a certain number of hours on the college farm. This was about
where the E. H. Little Library is today and eastward. The Steward’s Hall stood
a few yards west of the present Guest House, its front retaining wall now
separating the lawn from the parking lot. Davidson, Chalmers.
“Davidson Dining: the way it was.” Davidson Update. August 1981: 4.


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