President’s House



Dates: Built in 1836-37. Remodeled in 1860, 1884, 1941, 1959, 1998.

Quote: There was agood deal of sentiment (or lack of it) amongst the
trustees that the old house should be razed and a more elaborate one be
erected for President F. Grier Martin. This, however, was not the wish of
President Martin or his family and the Morrison house underwent a face-lifting
which hopefully has preserved it as a permanent heritage. The remodelling was
done in 1959 with careful attention to the architectural style of the 1830’s
in this region and of the old Quadrangle of which it was originally a part.
The most conspicuous changes were the addition of the neo-classic portico, a
new roof, and the one-story wing in order to enlarge the living, or reception
room. For the first time in its long history, the old house was appropriate to
meet the needs and responsibilities of the Presidency of Davidson College. Davidson,
Chalmers. Plantation World Around Davidson. Davidson: Mecklenburg
Historical Association, 1969, p. 10.

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