Martin Chemical Laboratory New


Martin Chemical Building 2015
Martin Chemical Building
Martin Chemical Building

Dates: Built in 1941-1944. Dedicated April 14, 1944. Remodeled in 1960.
Renovated in 1978. Rededicated Martin Chemical Laboratory in 1980. Renovated
in 1997.

Quote: The big lecture room in the middle of the ground floor of Martin
Chemistry Building looked for all the world like a low-budget poolhall in late
July. Walls and ceiling were painted black as one lone, rather dramatic
hexagonal light fixture hung in one corner. Soon that custom-designed feature,
which workmen call ‘Prototype I,’ will be joined by others of like design, and
walls will be covered with sound-absorbing materials and brown strip mahogany,
as the big room is transformed in to a handsome facility rivaling the 900 Room
of the remodeled College Union. “Martin renovation races toward
Sept. 1 opening.” Davidson Update. August 1979: 1.

Named for: William Joseph Martin (1830-1896), professor of
chemistry, geology, and natural history (1869-1896) and acting college
president (1887-1888) and William Joseph Martin, Jr. (1868-1943), professor of
chemistry (1896-1912) and college president (1912-1929).
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