Little Hall

E. H. Little Hall 2015
E. H. Little Hall

Dates: Built in 1956 on the site of Rumple Dormitory (1903-1955).
Dedicated on November 1, 1957.

Quote: As a climax to the [Commencement] exercises, Dr. Cunningham
announced that a new college dormitory would bear the name of Mr. Little, who
is a member of the college’s Board of Visitors and has been a leader in its
development under Dr. Cunningham. Dr. Cunningham noted that a gift from Mr.
Little has made possible the completion of a housing program undertaken ten
years ago. He termed the structure ‘a model dormitory, modern and equipped in
every respect.’ Dr. Cunningham also recalled that Mr. Little, a native of
Mecklenburg County in which Davidson is located, as a boy took his brother to
Davidson classes on horseback, then rode the horse home. His brother, the Rev.
Charles H. Little, graduated from Davidson in 1896. News Release 27 May
1957. DC003 E. H. Little Papers. Davidson College Archives.

Named for: Edward H. Little, president and chairman of the board of
Colgate-Palmolive Company.

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