Grey House

A photo of the Grey House

Dates: Built in 1850s. Acquired by College in 1859 and used as
faculty housing. Professor W.R. Grey lived in the house from 1895 until his
death His widow stayed on in the house until 1953. Remodeled in
1971 to serve as a dormitory for women students participating in an exchange
program. Served as a dormitory until 1988. Remodeled in 1991 as the
Admissions Office. Building expanded in 1999.

Quote: Professor W. G. Richardson to the Board of Trustees:
“After having contributed from my own purse about $250 in repairs of
various kinds upon these premises, I am sure you will pardon me for calling
your attention to the desolate and almost indecent condition of my dwelling without
, the only dwelling of which that can be said. In urging repairs
upon the “Danville,” President McPhail and some other members of the
Executive Committee maintained that blinds and a portico were as essential to
a dwelling as eyelids and a nose to a man’s face — very sound doctrine. Only
one window to any of my rooms, our guest Chamber on the street — and think of
it! these hot and sultry nights, our lady friend, to screen themselves from
vulgar gaze, obliged to shut out all the little air with a close curtain.
Seven pair of blinds would contribute materially to our comfort.” Board
of Trustee Minutes. 27 June 1871. RG 1/1 Board of Trustee Records. Davidson
College Archives

Named for: Professor W. R. Grey

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