Fire in Old Chambers – Photographs

Pictures of Old Chambers before and after the fire

Old Chambers
Early color picture of Old Chambers
Old Chambers Plans
Sketch of the original plans for Chambers
(lack of finances only made the construction of the front side possible)
Ivy on Old Chambers
Picture of Ivy covering the walls of Old Chambers

One of the earliest pictures of Old Chambers
Old Chambers 1900s
Picture of Chambers from the 1900s

The Rotunda of Old Chambers

Fire damage arial
Aerial view of the destruction left by the fire
Fire-gutted Chambers
Picture of the gutted building with only the walls and pillars left standing
Chambers pillars
Picture of the four pillars from Old Chambers
Demolished pillars and New Chambers
The final leveling of the pillars
(New Chambers stands in the background)
Old Chambers ghost
Picture of the Ghost of Old Chambers
(occurs during the Spring during dry weather – the foundation can still be seen of the former structure)
Old Chambers ghost
The Ghost of Old Chambers
Campaign poster
Poster for the campaign for money to rebuild Chambers
College Bulletin
College Bulletin describing the burning of Chambers

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