Carnegie Guest House

Carnegie Guesthouse

Dates: Built in 1910. Dedicated September 12,1910. Remodeled in 1921
to house college offices in the basement. Remodeled in 1941 as guest house and
headquarters of the YMCA. Library books moved to new Grey Library Building.
Student Union from 1972 to 1975. Remodeled in 1976 as Carnegie Guest House.

Quote: Most things are good or bad by comparison. Before my fellow
librarians, many of whom rejoice in buildings that cost thirty and forty and
fifty thousand dollars, smile at our pleasure in a new $20,000 book home, they
must remember that for 50 years the library of Davidson College was housed in
a room that had never any way of heating or lighting it. For three years I
wore a muffler and rubber sandals on the cold days, and kept the windows open
because it was warmer outside than in.

Naturally the first spade of earth that marked the beginning of the
excavating for the building was thrown amid the cheers of the on-looking
students. In December a year ago, the walls began to climb; through the winter
and spring we watched its sure growth as one watches a beloved plant, and on
June 1st it stood complete. Cornelia Shaw, “Talk on Carnegie Library
of Davidson College” 7 December 1910. RG 3/4.1 Library.
College Archives.

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