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Archives Month Art Show in Chambers Lobby

As part of the celebrations for Archives Month 2015, Kate Hall ’16 and Lee Summerell ’16 have curated a show from the Davidson College Art Galleries collection. Focusing on the North Carolina Archives Month 2015 theme of “Celebrating Archives: North Carolina Arts, Crafts, and Music Traditions,” Hall and Summerell selected six works, focusing (according to… Continue Reading

Educational Studies Department

Education courses have been taught at Davidson College since 1914. At that time, only once course was taught by Professor Currie. Replaced by Dr. Hood, a professor of psychology and education, Dr. Hood was the only education professor until the education and psychology departments were each growing popular enough to have their own professors. In… Continue Reading

Anthropology Department

Anthropology began at Davidson College as an Introductory Anthropology class offered by the Sociology Department in 1950. This course was the only anthropology course offered until 1971 when other departments such as South East Asian studies began offering anthropology-based courses. In 1978, students were offered the opportunity to major in Sociology and Anthropology (one major).… Continue Reading

German Studies Department

German has been offered at Davidson since 1874. At that time, depending on the finances, Davidson offered classes from either one or two language departments, and in 1874, Davidson College offered classes from both the Greek and German Department and Latin and French Department. In that year, William Myron Thornton was the professor of Greek… Continue Reading

French & Francophone Studies Department

In 1860, native Frenchman Rev. Stephen Frontis began teaching French language to a student as an elective course. This was the first time that a student at Davidson had taken any language that was not classical in nature. Mr. Frontis was not, however, an elected faculty member of the trustees. By June 1874, there was… Continue Reading

Hispanic Studies Department

Davidson College has offered Spanish courses since 1917, while Greek, German, French, and Latin were offered before. Only one elementary-level course was taught at the time by Dr. Grey, and by 1920, two Spanish courses were offered: elementary and intermediate. By 1921, Davidson students started a Spanish club, and 247 Davidson students were enrolled in… Continue Reading

Russian Department

Russian classes were first offered at Davidson in 1989 with classes in language, culture, and literature while Russian was offered as a self-instructional language since 1984. Ms. Bonnie Marshall was the first Davidson professor to teach Russian. Russian classes were listed under the German/Russian Department (and for a brief time, the German/Russian/Japanese Department) until Russian… Continue Reading